Providing design excellence for over 15 years in the Greater Toronto Area, specializing in the custom residential and light commercial sectors.

Christopher sees his role as an Architect is to elevate the basic functional requirements of a building to an art by composing the various elements that make up the building in a thoughtful and deliberate manner.


The design becomes a unified whole greater than the sum of its parts. This unity in design is created by employing universal principles such as; Movement, Emphasis, Rhythm, Variety, Proportion & Balance. 


Christopher Walker, Architect  graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture Landscape & Design’s 5-year professional bachelor programme in 1998. Upon graduation, he interned at several of Toronto’s leading Architecture firms before opening his own practice in 2003.

Christopher provides his clients with personalized one-on-one service from the very initial concept through to completion of the construction.


What you will see across several different designs is a common attitude towards precision, timeless materials, and sculptural expression.